From Self to God

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.Matthew 16:24

It is a distressing thing that a truth so beautiful [as justification by faith] should have been so perverted. But perversion is the price we pay for failure to emphasize the moral content of truth; it is the curse that follows rational orthodoxy when it has quenched or rejected the Spirit of Truth.

In asserting that faith in the gospel effects a change of life-motive from self to God I am but stating the sober facts.

Every man with moral intelligence must be aware of the curse that afflicts him inwardly; he must be conscious of the thing we call ego, by the Bible called flesh or self, but by whatever name called, a cruel master and a deadly foe. POM026

Affections that do not terminate on God, terminate on self. Men who do not “seek the things that are Jesus Christ’s,” seek their own. Inordinate self-love is the ruling passion of their hearts and the governing principle of their lives….The glory of God the Christian must seek. DTC141, 143

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