A Command to Be Obeyed

And don’t get drunk with wine … but be filled by the Spirit.—Ephesians 5:18

In The Amplified Bible this text reads: “And do not get drunk with wine … but ever be filled and stimulated with the (Holy) Spirit.”

However we may view the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, or whatever experience we may have had of Him in the past, if we do not enjoy an ever-present flow of His power in our lives, then we are living below the New Testament standard. This text, as many commentators have pointed out, is a command to be obeyed. If we are not experiencing what the Bible commands, then our lives are not in harmony with God’s purposes.

I meet many Christians who are sighing over lost ecstasies, mourning over lost victories, and who are downcast because they have lost touch with God. It is largely because they are living not “the life of the Spirit,” but the life of following an ideal with their own resources, stirred by emotion through a special sermon or something they read in a book. They grow tired and are on the point of giving up.

A translator in India, working on an early edition of Every Day Light on the Holy Spirit, wrote: “I’d like another subject. I’m tired of working on the Holy Spirit.” A lot of Christians have that problem; they grow tired of working on the Holy Spirit, instead of letting the Holy Spirit work on them. Let’s stop working on the Spirit, and allow Him to work on us!


Blessed Holy Spirit, help me as I thread my way through the maze of thoughts and attitudes about You. Help me to come out with Your thoughts and attitudes. I want to be filled with the Spirit—today and always. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Further Study

Rm 8:1-17; Ezk 36:27; Jn 14:17; Heb 10:15-16

What is the result of “the Spirit’s law of life”?

What is Paul teaching about the Holy Spirit?


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