“Pride goeth before destruction.”

Exodus 7:1-5, 10-22

Exodus 7:1-5

God’s judgments hardened Pharaoh’s heart. They are sure to harden if they do not soften. The monarch was of such a nature that terrors and plagues only made his spirit more unbending.

Exodus 7:10

They had delivered their message, they here show their credentials.

Exodus 7:11-13

He concluded that Moses was only a magician, like those in his own pay, and he therefore again defied the power of Jehovah.

Exodus 7:14-18

They had before defiled the river with the blood of innocents, and now it appears to them in blood-red colours; as if it published aloud their murderous deeds.

Exodus 7:19-21

Horrible! A crowd of horrors! Their drink becomes blood; the river which they accounted sacred pours forth an intolerable stench; the delicious water grows worse than putrid; and the fish which were a great part of their food float dead upon the abominable stream! This was a plague indeed.

Exodus 7:22

Proud Pharaoh cares not. His magicians ingeniously imitate the miracle by sleight of hand, and the heartless king cares nothing for the sufferings of his people.

Lo, Moses scatters plagues of wrath,

A ministry of fire and death,

But our Immanuel cometh forth,

With life and love in every breath.

He turn’d their water into blood,

For vengeance was his dread design:

But, thanks to our incarnate God,

He turn’d our water into wine.


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