“We worked hard all night … and we caught nothing.” LUKE 5:5

Do you have any worn, wet, empty nets? Do you know the feeling of a sleepless, fishless night? Of course you do. For what have you been casting? Solvency? “My debt is an anvil around my neck …”

Faith? “I want to believe, but …”

Healing? “I’ve been sick so long …”

A happy marriage? “No matter what I do …”

I’ve worked hard all night and caught nothing.

You’ve felt what Peter felt. You’ve sat where Peter sat. And now Jesus is asking you to go fishing. He knows your nets are empty. He knows your heart is weary. He knows you’d like nothing more than to turn your back on the mess and call it a life.

But he urges, “It’s not too late to try again.”

See if Peter’s reply won’t help you formulate your own. “You say to put the nets in the water, so I will” (Luke 5:5).