Ever Have A Tough Time Accepting The Grace Of God For Life?

Do I have good news for you!


Consider a couple of classic failures and how God graciously dealt with them:



  • God tells him that his 90 year old wife is going to bear a child. (See Genesis 17:16)
  • Abraham falls on his face and laughs (literally “mocks,” “scorns”), saying, “Will Sarahbear a child?” (Genesis 17:17)
  • In the following chapter God says of Abraham: He “will surely become a great and mighty nation, and in him all the nations of the earth will be blessed, for I have chosen him.” (Genesis 18:18)




  • God names Sarah “Princess,” “You (Abraham) shall call her Sarah… “(Literally, Princess) (Genesis 17:15)
  • God tells Abraham that within a year Sarah will bear a son. (Genesis 18:10)
  • Sarah, who is within earshot, also laughs, “Shall I indeed bear a child when I am so old?” (See Genesis 18:12, 13)

Imagine: God names Sarah “Princess” with the full knowledge that she will soon mock His promise to give her a son.




It is obvious that God, in His great love and grace chooses and uses less than perfect people. People who are in the process of becoming.


So the next time you are inclined to write yourself off as an unqualified candidate for His grace, keep in mind blundering Abraham and Sarah, and God’s grace in dealing with them.


Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” (Romans 5:20)



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