The Time is Now!

John 7:6

Do you sense that time is rapidly fleeting? Our entry into a new year seems to make this all the more apparent. Concerning this matter, I have a suggestion. Don’t think of time as rushing by; think of the time that is yours now.

Jesus said, “Your time is always ready” (John 7:6 KJV). In the first part of that verse Jesus said that His time had not yet come. He, with God, knew what would happen and when it would happen. But His disciples were ordinary mortals, like you and me. The only time they had, and that we have, is now.

The time is now! This is so because we have no guarantee of any other time. It is not morbid to point to the slender cord of life which holds us in time; it is only to face a fact. James warned us not to take time for granted. He said that our life is “a vapor that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away” (James 4:14). Don’t presume about tomorrow. Use today wisely; it is priceless.

The time is now! This is so because this very moment can be more important than any which have preceded it or any which may follow. See today as the living essence of time between a past that is gone and a future not yet come. Today we can take what has come from the past and, with God’s help, transform it so that the future will be better and nobler. Today can be the time for new beginnings. What needs to be said? Say it. What ought be done? Do it.

The time is now! This is so because it is God’s time. He has given us life, permitting us to participate in a segment of time. There are many necessary and important things to do with time, but nothing should prevent us from giving God His rightful place in today’s schedule. This is God’s time for us. Be sensitive to Him and His will so that we may effectively respond to the needs of the people around us. Today is ours because God has given it to us.

Another year has come, and we find ourselves swept up in its forward movement. But you and I are not fearful of time’s relentless passage. We are not measuring a diminishing time but trusting the Eternal God. “Your time is always ready.” Let us make the most of today, because the time is now!

Bramwell Tripp, The War Cry


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