He Reigns Now

With God we will perform valiantly.—Psalm 60:12

The final part of the Lord’s Prayer, which is really a doxology, contains a categorical assertion that God reigns through His kingdom—now. It manifestly requires a measure of faith and courage to affirm this truth in our modern society, when so many things seem positively to shout against it—so many wrongs that clamor for redress, so many problems that demand a solution, and so many social evils whose existence appears utterly incompatible with the reign of God. Yet affirm it we must.

A dear Christian, in a letter to me some time ago, said, “I look around the world and am appalled. My only comfort is the hymn ‘Jesus Shall Reign Where’er the Sun.’ I, therefore, sit back and watch and wait the day.” I told her that her letter reminded me of some words I heard someone put together in a conference once:

Sit down, O men of God!

His kingdom He will bring.

Whenever it shall please His will.

You need not do a thing!

In my reply I said, “Yes, it’s true that one day the kingdom of God shall’stretch from shore to shore,’ but let us not ignore the fact that God is reigning now. Given our cooperation, the Almighty can greatly affect the world through our committed lives. If we fail to see this, then it is possible that we struggle and stumble through life, waiting for Him, while all the time He is waiting for us.”


O God, deliver me from a view of life that says, “Look what the world is coming to.” Help me to look at You; then I can say: “Look what has come to the world.” Thank You, Father. Amen.

Further Study

Rv 7:9-17; Ex 24:17; 40:34; Ps 19:1; Jn 1:14; Rm 11:36

How can we behold His glory?

How is our vision of God enlarged?

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