The Lonely Human

The joy of our heart is ceased… woe unto us, that we have sinned! LAMENTATIONS 5:15-16

There is a strange contradiction in human nature all around us: the fact that a person can reek with pride, display a swollen ego and strut like a peacock—and yet be the loneliest and most miserable person in the world!

We find these people everywhere—pretending and playing a game. Deep within their beings, they are almost overwhelmed by their great loneliness, by their sense of being orphans in the final scheme of things.

The result of this strange, aching human sense of loneliness and cosmic orphanage is the inward, groping question: “What good is it to be a human being? No one cares about me!”

In the garden, Eve believed Satan’s lie—the lie that God was not concerned about her and that God had no emotional connection with her life and being. This is where the unregenerate person is in today’s world.

It is only sin and defeat that can bring this sense of orphanage, this sense of having been put out of the father’s house, and the feeling that follows when the house is burned down and the father is dead.

Lord, it is a joy and privilege to be counted among Your children on earth. But there are many who remain on the outside, where it is dark and cold and lonely. I pray for Your Spirit to draw many lost souls to join Your family today.

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